How and Where to Buy Books in Pakistan?

If you want to buy books in Pakistan, then there are very few bookstores to select from. In this post, I will share some of the best bookstores I use to buy books in Pakistan. Most bookstores on this list have a website where you can browse and buy a book. They will deliver your book within the next few days.

Most of us are going through tough times after Covid-19. Instead of watching TV and horrifying news, a better way to spend your time is reading a book.

Where to Buy Books from Bookstores in Pakistan

1. Readings

This is one of my favorite online bookstores. However, their physical store is only situated in Lahore. Most of the books I own I purchased from Readings. They have a vast collection of books on their website. You can easily find the world’s bestsellers that you won’t find anywhere online/offline in Pakistan.

Their customer support is top-notch, and I receive my order on time whenever I order a book. They sell books at a very reasonable cost, and I never had issues with their price.

You can also visit their bookstore if you live in Lahore. Here’s the address:

2. Liberty Books
When I don’t find a book on Readings, my second go-to bookstore is Liberty Books. Their prices are a little higher when you compare them with other bookstores. However, you don’t care about the price when you badly want a book.

Their website is user-friendly, and you can effortlessly search any titles through their site-search feature. They have physical bookstores across many cities in Pakistan. You can visit their stores and buy from them if you like.

3. Global books

They sell mainly used books in excellent condition. I purchased just a few books from them and had a good experience. If you want to buy books at a reasonable cost, this is the bookstore that you should check out.

They don’t have a physical bookstore (as far as I know), so you are only left with buying online. Their website is a little dated, and the search feature never found the book I wanted.

The best thing, though, is their prices are pretty low, and you can easily find some bestsellers if you browse for some time.

4. Paramount Books

I bought one book from them and had a good experience. They also sell course books for Medical, law, pre-primary, primary, and secondary education. You can find many fiction/non-fiction books if you browse their website thoroughly.

Also, you can visit their bookstores offline in many cities across Pakistan.

5. Welcome Book Port

This is a well-known bookstore situated at Urdu Bazar, Karachi. You can buy mostly Urdu books from many publishers. They have many books, from Urdu poetry, humor, novels, and Islamic texts. You might find a few English titles published within Pakistan.

I have bought many books from them for years by visiting their bookstore. They have recently started their online store, so if you want, you can purchase books from them through the website. I tried their online book delivery service, which was beautiful; I ordered a book at night and received it by the following afternoon.

6. Ferzon Sons Publications

They are perhaps the oldest publishers that I know of. They mostly have books for children both in Urdu and English language. You can visit their bookstores in various cities across Pakistan. You can try their online store if you like, but you won’t find much variety. Though their service quality is fantastic, you will get the books quickly.

7. Oxford University Press

I recently bought a book in Urdu from the Oxford University Press. Although it appeared out of stock on their website, when I contacted them by phone, they arranged the book for me and delivered it in 4 days.

On their website, they have books on a variety of topics. They have fiction, non-fiction, and academic books. They have physical bookstores throughout Pakistan so that you can buy books offline.

8. Sang-e-Meel Publications

They have a fantastic collection of books. I bought some books from them long ago from their physical store. However, their online store has a wide variety of books in Urdu and English.

Also, you can find their physical stores in many cities across Pakistan. You should visit their website to get more information about the bookstore locations.

9. Vanguard Books

This bookstore is situated in Lahore. However, they have a website from where you can buy any book. They deliver books across Pakistan. I have purchased some books from them and had a good experience. Their customer support was slow, and the order process seemed a little tricky.

However, they are a credible bookstore so you can buy from them without hesitation.

Import Books from Abroad to Pakistan

If you don’t find a book you need in the above bookstores, here are a few websites I have used myself. You can order any used book from them, and they will deliver the book within 30 – 45 days via local post (Pakistan Post).

They ship each book as a new package to save the shipping cost. They will send you two different packages if you order two books in a single order.

I ordered three books from them and received only two books. I didn’t receive one book to this day from my order. However, when I told them, they gave me a refund without any questions asked.

Note: You have to use a credit card to buy any book from them.

Here are the websites that I have used to buy books from them and receive them in Pakistan.

I hope you find this post helpful. If you find anything wrong with this post or want me to add a missing bookstore, please leave a comment below.

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