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How to Find Freelance Work Using Content Marketing

A lot of freelancers ask me how can I get projects consistently without ever looking for work? This is the answer to your question. You can get a lot of freelance work by using content marketing.

But how do you do that? Maybe, you’re not a great writer, or maybe you don’t even know what’s a blog or how to create one.

I am going to answer all your questions. Let me start with very basics.

What is content marketing?

Any content that you write to bring people closer to your business. Whether you publish content on a blog, LinkedIn post, Facebook video, YouTube or thousands of other platforms.

Millions of businesses use content marketing to generate leads. Some are quite effective at it and some barely scratch the surface.

The key to content marketing is to write content for a very specific audience and help them do certain things.

Helping is an important part of content marketing. You don’t need to ask blog readers to hire you at least initially.

What you do is bring them closer to your brand by solving one of their problems. You don’t even need to advertise yourself on the blog. Yes, if you’d do that, it will help. However, there are a lot of ways you can use to convince your blog reader that you’re a big deal.

One of the important ways to bring your blog readers closer to you by getting their emails. However, it is not that easy to get subscribers to your email list. You need to constantly find out creative ways to get more subscribers to your email list.

Email is where all the magic happens 😀

But how do you get their email?

No one is interested to receive your boring newsletter. That’s a fact! because they don’t see any benefit of subscribing to your newsletter.

So an effective way to get emails is to offer them something for free. This thing you offer must have an actual value. Such as you can offer them a free ebook, 50% discount on anything (not necessarily your service)

  • It needs to be extremely helpful
  • Something that cost money but you’re giving away for free.
  • Free software trials

But how would it help to bring clients?

It won’t for some time. If you’re are a good copywriter then yes you might get a fair advantage over folks like us who write 500 words in 8 hours.

You need to be patient. It will take months and you won’t see results unless you’re a good writer.

Start a blog on any topic you are crazy about and create 1 page where people can hire you. Be specific about your rates and tell your prospects a complete hiring process, add reviews, and use best copywriting practices to convince them to hire you.

Learn SEO by following top blogs in your niche. Look at what they are doing and replicate them. Get links from quality websites by getting your content published. You don’t need to beg for backlinks. You just post the most helpful piece of content out there and promote it in any way you know. Social media marketing is also quite helpful. Content promotion depends on where your audience hangs out.

Let’s suppose your target audience is an entrepreneur who runs multiple clothing brands. You can find them in many relevant communities online such as Reddit, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Quora, and online forums.

In the beginning, you might not get the desired results. In fact, many of us don’t. However, if you consistently improve your blog, and keep learning new things, you will grow. Eventually, you will start getting calls or messages.

This strategy has helped me greatly to get amazing clients. I hope you find out something useful in this post. If you did then check out my other post on how to find freelance work using your portfolio.

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