fix direct 3d11 output in vlc media player

How to Fix VLC (Direct 3D11 output) Error in VLC Media Player?

If you’re facing this issue in VLC which says (Direct 3D11 Output) when you play any video file then here’s a solution to fix this issue.

I was facing this issue when I was playing any video file on VLC, a new window was popping up and displaying audio visualizations. Here’s a picture of what I was seeing:

VLC Direct 3D11 Output

I don’t know exactly why this error occurred because I don’t remember changing any settings.

To solve the direct 3D11 Output issue, I searched on the Internet for some time but didn’t find a good solution. Hence, I start checking the VLC audio settings in hope of solving this error.

Here’s how I solved the ‘Direct 3D11 Output’ error.

Step 1: Open up VLC Media Player.

Step 2: Click on Tools from the Menu. Select the option Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Now go to Audio Settings. Select show settings to ‘All’.

Disable visualizations from Audio visualizations settings in VLC

Step 4: You will find a lot more options here. Go to settings from the sidebar menu and select Visualizations.

Step 5: Click on the dropdown menu in Audio Visualizations and select Disable. Click on the Save button to save all your applied changes.

This method worked for me and I hope your issue will get resolved too.

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