How to Convert WMA File to an MP3 Easily?

Sometimes we want to convert files from one format to another because some devices or applications won’t accept the format. We can use multiple options to convert WMA files into MP3 format. In this post, I will show you three different and convenient ways to convert your WMA file to an MP3.

Use VLC Media Player to Convert WMA to MP3

You can use FFmpeg or the VLC media player to convert WMA files to MP3. Once you have VLC installed, convert your file by:

    • Open VLC and select Media -> Convert / Save
    • Add your WMA file and click Convert/Save
    • Select Audio – MP3 from the conversion drop-down
    • Choose a destination for your file
    • Click Start

How to Convert a WMA file into MP3 Format on Android?

If you want to convert a file on an Android device, you can use WMA to MP3 Converter app.

It is a simple Android application for Converting your WMA files to an mp3 file format. You can convert a single WMA file, one at a time, or employ the batch converter to convert a selected number of files simultaneously.

All conversions are done in the background with a notification that displays conversion progress.

How to Convert WMA into MP3 format using Online Tools

Many online tools and websites are available to perform this task, but I will use a specific site for ease.

I used this website for making good quality mp3s. I used this website ( for converting sound file formats.

Note: This online tool is also available as a downloadable application to run directly on your PC.

It is the easiest solution I have found. I used it many times to convert the WMA file into MP3 format. If you don’t have High-Speed DSL, this software will take time to process.

Now, first, you need to confirm your sound file path. Where did you save the sound file on your computer?

Put this URL ( in your address bar, and you will find a simple page. It will ask you to upload your file. Upload your WMA file from the computer and select the conversion format to Mp3 format.

Below this Mp3 format option, you will find the quality control option. (Extreme, High, Normal, and Low).

I usually use High for better sound quality. Select a lower quality if you want to compress your sound file size.

Now, Press the button below to CONVERT.

It will take some time and give you a link to download your mp3 file.

Press the DOWNLOAD button, and you will get your fresh and good-quality mp3 file without downloading any software conversion tool.

Also, check out this tutorial on how to download songs from SoundCloud.

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