How to schedule a post on blogger

Did you know you can schedule your blog posts in blogger? I didn’t know about this feature and just discovered it. This feature allows you to schedule your blog posts to appear on the specific time and date. It will be helpful for you if you want to write different posts and want them to get published automatically on specified time. Here is how to do it:

First login to your blogger account.
Go To blogger Dashboard; choose your blog in which you want to schedule your post.
Go to New Post option and Write a post (if you want to test this feature write some random words).
See at the bottom of your post ‘Post Options’.
Click on post option.  An expand menu will appear.
Choose ‘post and time’ option to ‘schedule at’.
Change the time to your desired post time.
Click on ‘Publish Post’.

Now, your post will go into queue. Post will not show until schedule date and time.
That’s it. You can schedule as many blog posts as you wish.

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