How to Chat on Local Area Network

There are many software available to connect chat on your Local Area Network. It is sometimes important to have a chat option enabled on your local area network in order to connect and talk with multiple people over your network simultaneously.

If you want to install a small chat room to communicate with other people on your computer network. You can use Achat. It’s simple to use and it is Open source, which basically means it is free.

Achat is an open source (under the license of GPL) application which allows you to be in touch with other people on Local Area Network.

A chat is UNICODE program Designed for LAN (Local Area Network).

Some Features:

  • chatting in the Main channel where everyone on your LAN sees you
  • You can create your own chatting channels
  • You can send private messages to other people.
  • You can show a screenshot of your own desktop with other people using ‘screen show’ feature.
  • Send as many files you want to send.
  • Send Message to other offline users.

Download AChat

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