How To Manage, Delete, and Reveal saved passwords in Google Chrome

In my opinion, Google Chrome is the fastest web browser. It is more reliable and faster than other browsers. Google Chrome has a built-in feature to save website passwords. The browser then automatically completes the sign in fields and redirects you to the website.

It is useful if you do not share your computer and internet connection with anyone. You can change these settings easily and tell Google Chrome to forget passwords for specific sites, store passwords for some, or not at all ask to save your passwords again.

  • Click on the Wrench Icon  at the top right corner of Chrome Window.

  • Select Option from drop down menu. (Preferences on MAC and Linux, Settings on Chrome OS)
  • Now select Personal Stuff from left sidebar. These options let you modify a few of the more personal aspects, including syncing data and themes.
  •  Now look for Passwords option. Click on Manage Saved Passwords.

Tip: If you want to directly go to Password management page. Put chrome://settings/passwords to your address bar.

  • Now you will see a list of websites, passwords and user names.
  • X’ at the right side of the phrase is meant to delete this password from Google Chrome Saved passwords list. If you want to delete some of these passwords you can click on ‘X’.
  • If you want to see your forgotten password of some website you can click on the phrase of website.
  • For example, you have forgotten your Youtube username or password. See the list and find Http:// . When you find a website click on it. At the password side a button will appear ‘Show’. It will show you the password of your Youtube account.

  • If you don’t want Chrome ever save your passwords. Go to Wrench IconOptions> Personal Stuff >  Passwords> Click on Never save passwords.

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