How to Prevent Computer Virus

Virus mostly spread through portable devices such as Flash Disks, Floppy disks, via computer networks, Emails and online downloads. In this tutorial I will show you some useful tips to prevent your computer from Viruses.

  • Antivirus: Install an Antivirus program. There are many Antivirus programs available on the Internet. Both paid and free. You must have an antivirus program installed on your computer. Every month you should upgrade Antivirus program. 
  • Email: Never Click on undefined source E-Mail attachments. Always be careful when you check your E-mails.
  • Instant Messaging: You might use instant messiging services such as G-mail, MSN, Yahoo and AIM. May be your friend send you an attachment. You will accept it directly instead of thinking what he/she’s sending. If you see your friend sent you an attachment you must ask your friend that you really sent this attachment. Because sometime Virus itself spread through Internet via Insant messaging and E-mails. 
  • Internet Surfing: You must be cautious when surfing Internet. You can get a malicious script from a webpage and not know it. If you ever find a window asking ‘you want to allow an automatic install’, say “No” except you know the site requesting the install.
  • Firewall: secure your Internet connection using a firewall.
  • Portable Devices: Don’t always connect un-trusted Mp3 players, USB devices, CD’s and Floppies. Don’t connect un-trusted bluetooth devices to your computer. 
  • Browser: Browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome has a better security than Internet Exploror.
  • Downloads: If you ever feel suspicious about any download file on the Internet don’t download it. Untill you find any other good trusted source to download the file. You should see people response/Comment boxes below of the download file to make sure this source is reliable. 

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