How to Spot a Fake Micro SD Card Before buying one

How to Spot a Fake Micro SD Card Before Buying One?

I know Micro SD cards don’t cost much but buying a fake one would cost you time. To save you from that frustration, I am going to share with you an easy process to spot a fake Micro SD card.

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Never Buy Cheap Fake Micro SD Cards

Of course, an original micro SD card cost more than the fakes ones. The first thing that you need to know is that you should not purchase any cheap counterfeit micro SD card from an unknown vendor. Always buy from a reputable store whether it’s online or offline.

Before buying your Micro SD card, you should install SD Insight on your Android device. In my city, it is quite difficult to find a legit micro SD card. I have also used this same method to test the SD card.

Use SD Insight App to Spot a Fake Micro SD Card

This app SD insight is quite a useful and totally free app you can install on any Android device. It will display sd card manufacturer information, model number, and the original capacity of an SD card. You just have to insert an SD card to your android device and run this app.

This information will help you spot a fake micro SD card right away.

Step 1: Download this app on your Android device by going to Google Play and type ‘SD Insight’ in the search box.

Step 2: Once, it will be installed on your device, you just have to insert the micro SD card and run this application.

Step 3: It will show you plenty of information for both your device’s internal storage (MMC Card) and external SD card. Since we only want to test the external SD card, we will tap on the SD Card option from the top menu.

Now you should check for these things manually.

Manufacturer & Production Date

Check both manufacturer information and the production date. Some SD card manufacturers don’t manufacture their chips such as Kingston.

However, you must look up the name of the manufacturer on Google. I bought the Kingston SD card so when I saw the manufacturer information it wasn’t saying Kingston in the Manufacturer. So, when I look it up, I found that it is, in fact, a company which manufactures Kingston SD card chips.

Model Number on Your Packaging

You Should check the model number match with the one mentioned on your SD card packaging. If it’s not then you most probably have a fake micro SD card.

Card Capacity (Storage)

In your SD Insight app, check that it is mentioning the correct capacity of the card. For instance, if you have bought a 64 GB sd card then here it should mention that clearly.

There are several other methods to spot a fake micro SD card but for them, you need a laptop. I hope you find this post useful. Let me know in the comments what other methods can be used to spot a fake SD card.

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