80+ Essential Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you use the Firefox browser and looking for keyboard shortcuts? There are plenty of shortcuts in every application; using keyboard shortcuts can make use of any app faster. some people prefer a mouse over keyboard shortcuts. I often don’t use keyboard shortcuts myself, but using these on the Firefox browser will definitely boost productivity.

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by The Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, illumos and Solaris operating systems.


For those who like to use Firefox, I have written down some cool keyboard shortcuts for you. You can improve your experience with Firefox by learning some essential keyboard shortcuts.

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

BackAlt + ←
ForwardAlt + →
Shift + Backspace
HomeAlt + Home
Open FileCtrl + O
Ctrl + R
Reload (override cache)Ctrl + F5
Ctrl + Shift + R
Go to Bottom of PageEnd
Go to Top of PageHome
Move to Next FrameF6
Move to Previous FrameShift + F6
PrintCtrl + P
Save Page AsCtrl + S

Zoom In

Ctrl + +
Zoom OutCtrl + –
Zoom ResetCtrl + 0
CopyCtrl + C
CutCtrl + X


PasteCtrl + V
RedoCtrl + Y
Select AllCtrl + A
UndoCtrl + Z
FindCtrl + F
Find AgainF3
Ctrl + G
Find PreviousShift + F3
Ctrl + Shift + G
Quick Find within link-text only
Quick Find/
Close the Find or Quick Find barEsc
Search barCtrl + K
Select or Manage Search EnginesAlt + ↑
Alt + ↓
Close TabCtrl + W
Ctrl + F4
Close WindowCtrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4
Move Tab in focus LeftCtrl + ←
Ctrl + ↑
Move Tab in focus RightCtrl + →
Ctrl + ↓
Move Tab in focus to startCtrl + Home
Move Tab in focus to endCtrl + End
New TabCtrl + T
New WindowCtrl + N
Next TabCtrl + Tab
Ctrl + Page Down
Open Address in New TabAlt + Enter
Previous TabCtrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + Page Up
Undo Close TabCtrl + Shift + T
Undo Close WindowCtrl + Shift + N
Select Tab 1 to 8Ctrl + 1to8
Select Last TabCtrl + 9
Tab Groups ViewCtrl + Shift + E
Close Tab Groups ViewEsc
Next Tab GroupCtrl + `
Previous Tab GroupCtrl + Shift + `
History sidebarCtrl + H
Library window (History)Ctrl + Shift + H
Bookmark All TabsCtrl + Shift + D
Bookmark This PageCtrl + D
Bookmarks sidebarCtrl + B
Ctrl + I
Library window (Bookmarks)Ctrl + Shift + B
DownloadsCtrl + J
Add-onsCtrl + Shift + A
Web ConsoleCtrl + Shift + K
InspectCtrl + Shift + I
ScratchpadShift + F4
Page SourceCtrl + U
Error ConsoleCtrl + Shift + J
Toggle Private BrowsingCtrl + Shift + P
Clear Recent HistoryCtrl + Shift + Del
Complete .com AddressCtrl + Enter
Complete .net AddressShift + Enter
Complete .org AddressCtrl + Shift + Enter
Delete Selected Autocomplete EntryDel
Toggle Full ScreenF11
Toggle Menu Bar (when hidden)Alt
Show/Hide Add-on BarCtrl + /
Caret BrowsingF7
Select Location BarAlt + D
Ctrl + L
Toggle Play / PauseSpace bar
Decrease volume
Increase volume
Mute audioCtrl + ↓
Unmute audioCtrl + ↑
Seek back 15 seconds
Seek back 10 %Ctrl + ←
Seek forward 15 seconds
Seek forward 10 %Ctrl + →
Seek to the beginningHome
Seek to the endEnd

If you know any other useful Firefox keyboard shortcuts, please leave it here in the comment box. Also, check out this post on Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts if you use it.

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