How to Use Google Search Operators to Make Your Google Search more Powerful

Google search operators are really helpful for anyone searching for something on Google.  Search engines made the Internet browsing experience easier and comfortable for an average user. Imagine if there were no search engines at your disposal. How’d you find those cool websites?

There are many search engines but the one widely used is Google. So, in this post, I will only discuss the search operators related to Google.

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What are Google Search Operators?

Some people find difficult to use Google search when they are trying to find something, for those people Google made search operators, with the help of search operators anyone can easily find more accurate results.

For instance; I am as a student many times use this search operator option whenever I need to find educational articles or help on the internet. ‘Discrete Mathematic logic’.

This search operator will only include the results from .edu (education) websites. This search operator is really helpful for me when I get stuck. There are different search operators to find more specific results.

In this post, I will tell you some of those search operators and tips to search less and find more. When we are stuck in the middle of a work no one wants to spend time on searching again and again.

Here I have made the list of the search operators which will help you to search more in less time.

We use this search operator to find the keywords from the title of the webpage. For instance allintitle: Tutorials and tips. Now this will only include the results with the title of ‘Tutorials and tips’.

This one is a useful operator to find definitions of the unknown words. Like Define: Alexander. It will tell you who the person was and you can also try many other words to find definition.

This search operator is used for finding movie information. Like, [movie: Tom Hanks talking to volleyball]. Now, this search query will take you to the pages Tom Hanks movie Castaway.

We use this operator to find weather to any specific city. For instance ‘Weather New York’. The weather forecast of New York will appear at the top of the results.

Flight Search
You can search the flight schedule of the city and also find by flight number. Flight New York, this search operator will let you find next flights from New York to other destinations. If you include your flight number against flight, it will tell you the exact time of the flight. Find the status of a flight by just simply write down the flight number Emirates 601. It will tell you the departure and arrival time.

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Recent Search Operators

Since I have written this post, Google has introduced a lot of new search operators. Also, Google now understands queries intent from a user and show different search results to different users. For example, if you search for your flight status by entering your flight number on Google, it will display the exact time of departure and arrival of your flight.

I hope you found this post useful. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

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