Why I Switched from Windows 10 to Linux Mint? [Review]

I have been using Windows for almost ten years. I have used many versions of Windows OS now. However, I was not very pleased with the latest Windows 10 due to tracking, advertising, constant updates, crashes, etc. So, I installed a Linux distro and was hooked on it right after the installation.

The experience was quite pleasant (which I didn’t expect). I have used Ubuntu and some other distros in the past, but it was quite a difficult process back then to install any Linux distro. Things are different now; I think it is a perfect time to move to Linux Os.

Why I Preferred Linux Mint Over Many other Linux Distros?

A few things which I find interesting about Linux Mint:

  • It is one of the most popular Linux distros, according to Distrowatch.
  • Linux Mint is entirely free, just like many other Linux distros. However, if you like it, please consider donating to the Linux Mint development team.
  • Reviewers of Linux distros suggested Linux Mint over other Linux distributions because it is easier to use, especially for users switching from Windows to Linux.

These were the few things that I read online, and I thought, why not give it a try? What worst could happen?

Switching from Windows 10 to Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon

So, I downloaded the Linux Mint ISO image from their official website. Read this installation guide and started writing the ISO image on my USB.

I picked up my old laptop, ‘ASUS X555UA‘, and installed it immediately.

The installation procedure was faster and far better than any Windows OS I have used.

When I was about to install the Linux Mint, I thought it would take a couple of hours.

However, Linux Mint installation was one of the most straightforward OS installation processes I have experienced. After clicking two or three times, the installation was finished.

The first thing I noticed about Linux Mint was that it wasn’t as ugly as I expected. I used Ubuntu Linux 5–6 years ago, so you can probably relate to my expectations.

The Linux Mint installation process already installed every hardware driver. So, I didn’t even have to install drivers or anything. I plugged in my external mouse, keyboard, and monitor, and the OS detected everything without a single issue. Wow, it is a much superior experience to Windows.

I installed the Chromium browser, updated a few software, and started using it. It’s been almost a week, and I haven’t touched my Windows laptop.

I recommend Linux Mint to anyone who is fed up with spyware, viruses, and crashes. This Linux distro is particularly very user-friendly for Windows users. However, your opinion might be different if you are an advanced Linux user. Give it a try, and let me know how you find it in the comments below.

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